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What are your prices?

Packages start at $ 1400, Write me so we can find the best option for your day.

How do we book a date?

If everything is aligned, i am available and you want me in your wedding day, then we sign a contract and you make a deposit of 40% of the value.

Do you work alone?

Most of the time I team up with my wife Tatiana, she helps through the day and sometimes as a 2nd angle of important shots.

What is the final product?

You get a love film story about you and your special day.
Usually, the couples receive a short love film that lasts
about 3-5 minutes for all the films collections additionally Highlights of Ceremony and Speeches as second video.

How will we receive our film?

You’ll receive your film on Vimeo.com or Youtuber first, where you can share it with friends and family and post online.

*If you have another question, we can book a Skype meeting, and we will have fun trying to understand my Latin American English.

Does the price includes the travel fees?

Yes we got everything cover inside Costa Rica, those prices include if you have a One Day Wedding, if you want we can stay more for trash the dress, couple session before the wedding we can do it, just tell me so we can add in time for planning.

If you have another question, it would be my pleasure to answer it

Write to me at oscarwlucas@gmail.com